I'm LuisTheOne

A Developer and Content Creator


About Me

Hi, I am Luis or as I call myself on the internet LuisTheOne. I am from Austria (nope, no kangaroos here) and I love technology. So as you might have guessed, this site is selfmade. I am also a big fan of open source software and I find the idea of a smart home quite fascinating, it is incredible what you can do with something like Homeassistant, an Esp8266 and Tasmota.


Development is one of my hobbies, whether it is web applications with Blazor, desktop and mobile development with Avalonia or WinForms, or embedded development with Arduinos and Esps, I find it all fun. My favourite language is C# because I think it is pretty easy to understand and can be used for everything from game to web development. Also the libraries and examples available in the .NET ecosystem are great. For Arduinos, of course, I have to use the Arduino C/C++ language, which is sometimes really hard to switch from a high level language like C#. Designing Wesbites is also a lot of fun, apart from the weird things CSS sometimes does.

Content Creator

I have been streaming on Twitch and uploading YouTube videos for quite a while now. I really enjoy making them, but I am often very busy, so my upload schedule is basically non-existent :). Anyway, I hope you guys out there enjoy my content.